Image analysis/RGB images/Computed tomography/Pseudotsuga menziesii/Wood density/Sapwood/Growth ring width/Mechanical properties/Lumber grading/Strength grading

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    The TreeTrace_Douglas database includes images and measurements at several steps of the processing of Douglas fir logs from the sawmill logyard to the machine grading and destructive testing of boards. A total of 52 long logs, 156 short logs, 208 wood discs and 346 boards were analysed. The image data includes RGB images of log ends and board ends, RGB images and CT slices of strips, a set of images of the boards (RGB, laser and X-rays) obtained with an industrial board grading machine. The measurements include wood local density, growth ring widths, pith and board location in the logs, heartwood and sapwood areas, mechanical properties of each board obtained by vibratory and static testing, and visual grading of the boards.